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RECAP: REC Bus Pops Up at SoCal Cannabis Cup

From concentrates to cooking to careers to kush, cannabis was the only thing on everyone’s mind the weekend following your favorite cannabis-friendly holiday: 420. On Friday, April 21st, we took the ultimate ride to this year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, hosted by High Times. The REC Bus showed up in full force decked out with a fully immersive hemp clothing pop-up shop, live art by Eyemax3D, and the latest beats and favorites from DJ Alphawav and Andile. To complete the (smoke) circle, Recreator teamed up with dynamic, California-based growers and steady pals from Golden State Banana. The greenest of the green and industrial hemp go hand in hand, RECreating the Cannabis Cup experience for the vets and newbies.

Guests with a medical recommendation had the opportunity to walk and smoke their way through the Medicinal Section of Cannabis Cup. Upon arriving to the REC Bus, guests were welcomed into the bus and browse under the tents adorned with a huge American flag. While shopping, guests could taste some wax or check out the latest and greatest flowers, hash, and rosin from our friends, and Cannabis Cup 2017 Winners for Best Product, Golden State Banana.

Eyemax Live Paint: Cannabis Cup SoCal 2017

Throughout the three-day festival, which also featured concerts by Nas, Damian Marley Jr. and surprise guest 50 Cent, etc., there was opportunity to explore all things cannabis including a grow room, carnival rides, food trucks, educational seminars and more. The Cup crowd cares not only about cannabis but about its role and effect in our lives and in our environment. Sustainable living and our hemp clothing go hand in hand with the cannabis lifestyle, which is why the REC Hemp Pop-Up Shop and Bus brought fresh energy, green fashion, and higher hemp vibes to already enthusiastic cannabis community.

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