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“Smoke Some Pot” and Other Sage Sex Advice

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Despite concerns that Jeff Sessions will shut down big marijuana and the woefully limited research into the relationship between cannabinoids and our brain’s receptors, it seems we’ve entered a period of increased interest in the connection between cannabis and the female orgasm. To give voice to the opinion of many: it’s about goddamn time. One […]


Eco Doc: The Algae Kaleidoscopes of Klaus Kemp

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There are possibly 2 million unique species of water-dwelling diatoms, one of the most critical groups of living creatures on Earth. Some scientists estimate these single-cell organisms produce up to one-quarter of the planet’s oxygen, playing a central role in making our world inhabitable for large, complex mammals like us.   Diatoms are tiny – some […]


The NFL and CBD: Cannabis as Sports Medicine

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Every Sunday in the fall season, millions tune in as violence voyeurs for NFL football. If it involves head-bashing, blood and beatdowns, there’s a good chance for high ratings. But as the seasons go by, your favorite gridiron stars are paying a price unseen. Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a degenerative brain disease commonly found in athletes […]


VIDEO: An Interview w/ ATTN: Media

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Occasionally dubbed an ecological “miracle crop,” industrial hemp is legal to grow in over 30 countries across the globe, and yet, America’s political class has been dragging its feet on the issue for decades. One part misinformation, one part War on Drugs hangover – America has been long encouraged to forget the vital role hemp has […]


Art Du Chanvre: Rebuilding North America With Hemp

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French for “Art of Hemp,” a new company called Art du Chanvre is reinventing the way we think about building design and they are now live on Kickstarter. Based in Quebec, Canada, this visionary crew is hoping to open the first hempcrete block plant in the Americas after spending the last ten years building houses from […]


SIGHT&SOUND: A Tribe Called Red feat. John Trudell ‘We Are The Halluci Nation’

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It’s not often we can look to DJ’s for social and political activism, especially when it concerns the challenges faced by tribal nations in North America. A trio of selectors from the Canadian capital city of Ottawa are doing just that. They are A Tribe Called Red, and they will change the way you think […]


DOC: SEED – The Untold Story

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Seeds are life. Since humanity made the epoch shift from nomadic hunter-gatherer to farmer, we have been entirely reliant on the sun and seasons for food production. These tiny geniuses of nature are at the center of all existence, so why don’t we do more to protect them? That question is at the heart of […]


Jay Z & The Drug War ‘Epic Fail’ Video

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The New York Times recruited none other than Jay Z (aka Shawn Carter) to narrate a new op-ed piece spotlighting the failed war on drugs in America. It’s a highly captivating piece thanks to the live illustrations by artist Molly Crabapple, who also moonlights as a contributing editor for VICE. She paints the bleak picture […]


The Color-Changing Shirt That Senses Air Pollution by Aerochromics

Aerochromics Color-Changing Shirt Senses Air Pollution

It’s a fashion concept that should definitely make it’s way into a dystopian sci-fi film in the not-too-distant future, although Aerochromics, the new brand from Nikolas Bentel, is far from fiction. In another amazing crossover between wearable tech and the natural environment, designer Nikolas Bentel has developed a longsleeve T-shirt that responds to pollution levels […]



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For a long time now the world has known the palpable wisdom and subtle healing power hidden inside nature – But does it really have the power to revive entire communities? According to Letef Vita, a musician, farmer, vegan chef and former gang member, it does. Vita feels that better food can level the playing field […]