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RECAP: REC Bus Pops Up at SoCal Cannabis Cup

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From concentrates to cooking to careers to kush, cannabis was the only thing on everyone’s mind the weekend following your favorite cannabis-friendly holiday: 420. On Friday, April 21st, we took the ultimate ride to this year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, hosted by High Times. The REC Bus showed up in full force decked out with […]


Barebones Cannabis Travel Requires Only Edibles and A Cheap Vape Pen

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A quick search of The Cannabist for articles containing both the words “airport” and “arrest” yields a handful of posts, yet few (if any) mention the arrest or citation of passengers leaving the Queen City of the Plains with cannabis on their person. While some would assume this means travelers are abiding by federal regulations, […]


“Smoke Some Pot” and Other Sage Sex Advice

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Despite concerns that Jeff Sessions will shut down big marijuana and the woefully limited research into the relationship between cannabinoids and our brain’s receptors, it seems we’ve entered a period of increased interest in the connection between cannabis and the female orgasm. To give voice to the opinion of many: it’s about goddamn time. One […]


Audio Rewind: ‘Spring Mixtape for Bromance’ from Kaytranada

kaytranada spring mix

Now that springtime has officially sprung, time to lift yourself off that couch and get out there. If a boost is what you need, look no further than this throwback mix from DJ/producer super-talent Kaytranada. This legendary downtempo hip-hop mix originally dropped in the spring of 2013 for the French label Bromance Records (which recently […]


DO YOU: A Matter of Personal Style

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My earliest fashion, music and cultural inspirations were taken from the sets of Saved By The Bell, Blossom and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the pages of Tiger Beat Magazine, WWF (now WWE) and my older-by-18-months brother. Flamboyant urban streetwear and other garish and abrasive styles were a hallmark of my look. One of my […]


What happened to that “three edibles” guy, anyway?

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When you allow that most folks do not possess a high tolerance for marijuana when consuming it orally, there’s very few activities that sound like they would mix well with three edibles. Twitter is, apparently, not one of them. Just wait – it gets better! But, of course, one does not simply ingest three edibles […]


High Fashion: Kahush Hemp Bags Now Live on Kickstarter

hemp bags

We like to keep our readers in the know about what’s new in high-end hemp fashion. Meet Kahush, a producer of quality hemp bags and cases that are designed to hold up in the great outdoors. They launched last week on Kickstarter. About two years ago, the team behind Kahush had begun researching the best designs […]


TUNE IN: Giving Sneakers New Life with RetroSnickers

check out the sneaker craft with retrosnickers and crew

So yeah, let’s get into it! If you’re anything like me, in the last five years you’ve cut the cord and ditched the unscrupulous cable contracts and the agents who conveniently neglect to inform customers that the introductory rates and free premium subscriptions they’ve been enjoying will be expiring and reverting back to their less […]


In Retrospect: ‘Push Push’ by Herbie Mann

listen to push push by herbie mann

Some images are burned into memory after only a glimpse, begging further discussion at strange and inopportune times. The album artwork for flutist Herbie Mann’s 1971 carnal-soul-sex odyssey Push Push should be classified as such. The sight may a bit unnerving at first glance but can never be unseen. It is after all a provocative […]


Eco Doc: The Algae Kaleidoscopes of Klaus Kemp

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There are possibly 2 million unique species of water-dwelling diatoms, one of the most critical groups of living creatures on Earth. Some scientists estimate these single-cell organisms produce up to one-quarter of the planet’s oxygen, playing a central role in making our world inhabitable for large, complex mammals like us.   Diatoms are tiny – some […]