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Barebones Cannabis Travel Requires Only Edibles and A Cheap Vape Pen

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A quick search of The Cannabist for articles containing both the words “airport” and “arrest” yields a handful of posts, yet few (if any) mention the arrest or citation of passengers leaving the Queen City of the Plains with cannabis on their person. While some would assume this means travelers are abiding by federal regulations, […]


“Smoke Some Pot” and Other Sage Sex Advice

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Despite concerns that Jeff Sessions will shut down big marijuana and the woefully limited research into the relationship between cannabinoids and our brain’s receptors, it seems we’ve entered a period of increased interest in the connection between cannabis and the female orgasm. To give voice to the opinion of many: it’s about goddamn time. One […]


What happened to that “three edibles” guy, anyway?

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When you allow that most folks do not possess a high tolerance for marijuana when consuming it orally, there’s very few activities that sound like they would mix well with three edibles. Twitter is, apparently, not one of them. Just wait – it gets better! But, of course, one does not simply ingest three edibles […]


High Fashion: Kahush Hemp Bags Now Live on Kickstarter

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We like to keep our readers in the know about what’s new in high-end hemp fashion. Meet Kahush, a producer of quality hemp bags and cases that are designed to hold up in the great outdoors. They launched last week on Kickstarter. About two years ago, the team behind Kahush had begun researching the best designs […]


A Snob’s Guide to Instagram Tattoo Aggregators

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The continued expansion of what used to be a “niche” interest has led to an explosion of tattoo aggregator accounts to be perused on Instagram, though most fall short of these quality control requirements: 1)  Rare lapses in editorial judgement 2)  High-quality, well-lit photos of tattoos 3)  All artists are credited, located and linked 4)  Little-to-no […]


HIA vs. DEA: Hemp on Trial

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Farmers, advocates and CEOs are feeling quite fed up with the backtracking of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) when it comes to researching and commercializing industrial hemp agriculture once again in America. Now there’s a standoff brewing in court: HIA vs. DEA. Leaders of the Hemp Industries Association (HIA) – America’s largest hemp industry group supported […]


TUNE IN: Giving Sneakers New Life with RetroSnickers

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So yeah, let’s get into it! If you’re anything like me, in the last five years you’ve cut the cord and ditched the unscrupulous cable contracts and the agents who conveniently neglect to inform customers that the introductory rates and free premium subscriptions they’ve been enjoying will be expiring and reverting back to their less […]



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Although marijuana has been growing legally in California since 1998, it has taken almost 20 years for voters to believe industrial hemp deserves a shot at the free market. Ironically enough, it was passed riding the wave of public support for recreational marijuana. The initiative known as Proposition 64 has not been without serious controversy and […]


REC Hemp Holiday Gift Guide (Pt. 2 of 3)


‘Tis the season for gift giving, sharing, and well, passing to the left. We’ve found a way to incorporate all three before the Krampus get you. Finding presents shouldn’t be a burden on anyone, so we’ve leaned down the Cannabis collection for you. Part 2 of 3 of our REC Hemp Holiday Gift Guide dives […]


REC Hemp Holiday Gift Guide (Pt. 1 of 3)

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We consider modern shopping an exploratory experience. As you dig through crates of records, brave traffic and E-comm checkouts, consider the potential of a green cart. Feel free to rethink the way you shop this season and allow us to introduce you to a sackful of goodies for the holidays. For those of you not […]