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RECAP: REC Bus Pops Up at SoCal Cannabis Cup

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From concentrates to cooking to careers to kush, cannabis was the only thing on everyone’s mind the weekend following your favorite cannabis-friendly holiday: 420. On Friday, April 21st, we took the ultimate ride to this year’s SoCal Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, hosted by High Times. The REC Bus showed up in full force decked out with […]


The Drop: New from Jonwayne – Rap Album Two

listen to rap album two from jonwayne

That’s right, Rap Album Two is officially here: It’s the fresh follow-up to LA rapper-producer Jonwayne’s debut EP from 2013, Rap Album One. To breakthrough all the fuzz and static of the modern music culture is tough enough, but in this second drop, fans can hear the artist grappling with the demons of celebrity, success and […]


A Snob’s Guide to Instagram Tattoo Aggregators

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The continued expansion of what used to be a “niche” interest has led to an explosion of tattoo aggregator accounts to be perused on Instagram, though most fall short of these quality control requirements: 1)  Rare lapses in editorial judgement 2)  High-quality, well-lit photos of tattoos 3)  All artists are credited, located and linked 4)  Little-to-no […]


Eco Doc: The Algae Kaleidoscopes of Klaus Kemp

watch the short film about algae kaleidoscopes

There are possibly 2 million unique species of water-dwelling diatoms, one of the most critical groups of living creatures on Earth. Some scientists estimate these single-cell organisms produce up to one-quarter of the planet’s oxygen, playing a central role in making our world inhabitable for large, complex mammals like us.   Diatoms are tiny – some […]


SIGHTS & SOUNDS: Gorillaz New Video for ‘Hallelujah Money’

listen to the gorillaz on hallelujah money

As the political mudslinging begins to steady, there’s one sign in the reeking pile of media that give hope, even if it’s a bit more dim than usual. Your favorite virtual band collaborative led by musical polymath Damon Albarn has come together as Gorillaz to release their first track in almost six years. It may sound […]


VISUALIZE: Make More Art Video

make more art video

Some motion picture eye candy for your weekend – check the work by artist Berk Visual bringing the paint at 6th and Spring in DTLA, right in front of the SixHundred LA shop. The video was shot the day after the election and the streets buzzing with energy. All footage comes from our pal Greg Hunter of No Collar Films, with some […]


Art Du Chanvre: Rebuilding North America With Hemp

Watch the video from Art du Chanvre on Kickstarter

French for “Art of Hemp,” a new company called Art du Chanvre is reinventing the way we think about building design and they are now live on Kickstarter. Based in Quebec, Canada, this visionary crew is hoping to open the first hempcrete block plant in the Americas after spending the last ten years building houses from […]


DOC: SEED – The Untold Story

watch trailer for seed: the untold story

Seeds are life. Since humanity made the epoch shift from nomadic hunter-gatherer to farmer, we have been entirely reliant on the sun and seasons for food production. These tiny geniuses of nature are at the center of all existence, so why don’t we do more to protect them? That question is at the heart of […]


Jay Z & The Drug War ‘Epic Fail’ Video

Watch the new drug war epic fail video feat. Jay Z

The New York Times recruited none other than Jay Z (aka Shawn Carter) to narrate a new op-ed piece spotlighting the failed war on drugs in America. It’s a highly captivating piece thanks to the live illustrations by artist Molly Crabapple, who also moonlights as a contributing editor for VICE. She paints the bleak picture […]




What does it mean to rebuild a neighborhood? Some people start with things like lowering the crime rate, new jobs or affordable housing – and others head straight to the walls. At least that’s the approach of a young artist living in downtown LA, known by many as ESPY. His plan to revitalize the block starts with a better urban aesthetic […]